Find out about the prices of all the services offered by the funeral home. The company is obliged to display a poster with information on the costs offered, disaggregating all possible rates. They also have to have a catalog with the services they provide, indicating the characteristics and prices.

Always demand a written estimate of what the entire service will cost you. Know that a funeral involves not only buying a coffin or an urn for the ashes but also: renting a room in a funeral home to watch the family member; the choice of type of casket, niche, tombstone, grave, etc. and of the corresponding inscriptions; the selection of fabrics; the preparation of the body; air conditioning of the room or embalming; the rental of funeral and personal care; the management of documentation; etc.

You are not required to contract all services with the same funeral company. You can buy the wreath of flowers on one side and the coffin on the other. You can even choose a funeral home different from the one offered by the funeral home. However, it is usually more convenient to leave everything in the hands of a single company.

Meet with your family before deciding the type of services you are going to hire. Study it calmly, depending on the needs and your economic conditions. Also, sometimes, talking to someone who is not affected by the situation at that time can help you see things more objectively.

Do not get carried away by the offers that the commercials make to you at the moment of the death of your loved one. In that situation, you can contract something impulsively, even if it is not what you want or need.