At the time of the death of a loved one, we are faced with the difficult situation of having to decide how we want his eternal rest to be. When going to the funeral companies, they ask us many questions that, inevitably, we had not raised until that moment; consequently, information is critical to avoid falling into an ill-considered election that can later bill the consumer. Below we collect the main recommendations. Read about funerals Sydney.

Death services or prepaid burial

On the one hand, if your deceased relative has prepaid pre-funeral service, the money you have been paying for years covers the functions corresponding to that financial contribution, so you would not have to pay anything extra. However, some funeral companies will try to convince you to contribute more money in exchange for obtaining more “quality” for the farewell of your loved one. Given this circumstance, the SIC advise you that:

  • Read very carefully all the details of the service your family member had hired and ask for an exact account of what would be included. Sometimes life insurance also provides death insurance. It is advisable to check it.
  • If you decide to add something or change the category of any of the products included, ask the funeral company for a budget of the extra expense broken down by concepts. Although it is difficult at such a delicate moment, it is important not to rush to respond to the funeral company.

  If it seems enough for the funeral, do not hire anything else.

  • Demand that you hand over all the documents accrediting the settlement of expenses that the funeral company has managed with the insurance company, as well as the invoice with the extra costs that the funeral has meant.